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Level 3 eLearner engagement

Engaging learners with branching scenarios

Company profile

Direct-sales organization


Direct-sales organization





/ Mobile

Project type

Branching Scenario

Custom eLearning Module, demonstrates the likelyhood of discovering intelligent life in the universe, built in Aticuate Storyline by Skillspace360
Custom eLearning Module built using Aticuate Storyline by Skillspace360
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This project was created in

Adobe Captivate.


Help direct-selling consultants without sales backgrounds overcome fears of failure when engaging in sales conversations. Users sandbox various responses in a controlled-failure environment.


This piece is part of a sales training curriculum for direct-selling consultants. Learners can engage with potential customers in various scenarios while earning in-module (or real-life) points. Points are used to foster competition within and among sales teams. Visual feedback is provided by a mood meter, points accumulation and facial gestures. Audio feedback is provided by the customer's response to learner choices.

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