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Level 3 eLearner engagement

Onboarding sales teams with real-world scenarios

Company profile

B2B Software Developer


B2B Software Developer





Project type

New-Hire Sales Onboarding

Custom eLearning Module, demonstrates the likelyhood of discovering intelligent life in the universe, built in Aticuate Storyline by Skillspace360
Custom eLearning Module built using Aticuate Storyline by Skillspace360
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This project was created in

Adobe Captivate.


Translate Instructor-led training ILT companion participant guide material to eLearning delivery for new hires, facilitating contextual learning and controlled failure in an onboarding environment.


This project involved the blending of printed classroom participant guides and experiential learning. New hire front-line sales consultants were tasked with understanding and applying sales principles in a real-world context. Learners work through multiple scenarios to engage consumers in sales conversations by applying consultative selling techniques. Visual feedback is provided by a mood meter, points accumulation and facial gestures. Audio feedback is provided by the customer's response to learner choices.

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