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Level 2 eLearner engagement

Reimagining compliance training delivery

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Contact Center / Business


Contact Center / Business





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Gamification / Adaptive Learning

Custom eLearning Module, demonstrates the likelyhood of discovering intelligent life in the universe, built in Aticuate Storyline by Skillspace360
Custom eLearning Module built using Aticuate Storyline by Skillspace360
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Articulate Storyline.


According to a recent study by Gartner, traditional compliance training is almost always looked on by front-line employees and managers alike as a necessary evil.  


This module introduces learners to information security topics in a fun and engaging way by introducing several characters and narrators encountered while exploring a corporate campus in an open-world format. Adaptive learning paths embedded in each environment ensure that learners who already understand the material may move through the module more directly than learners who are unfamiliar, and who are presented with additional examples based on their answers to a series of preliminary assessments on each topic.

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